Fear of losing your mobile phone is called Nomophobia. Here are 9 other interesting facts about mobiles that will blow your mind

Everyone owns a mobile phone these days, even so, we don't know much about these phones. Do you know the fear of losing your phone is called Nomophobia? Check out more such interesting facts inside

One thing that we can’t live without in the present era is our smartphone. The gadget is truly wonderous. It not only helps us to stay connected with the world but time to time it also dubs as our best friend giving us some much-needed company. From playing our favourite breakup songs in a loop to keeping us entertained when we caught up in a room full of strangers, smartphones are the greatest blessing of the 21st century.

Needless to say that we cannot part ways with our phones and if someone were to compile a list of ‘top ten addictions in the world’, ‘smartphone addiction’ would top the chart. Let’s be honest, when it comes to life we all are the same. We all wake up to the voice of our personal digital assistants (Siri or Cortana) in the morning and are busy answering messages on WhatsApp (or Hangout or Telegram) throughout the day. And in case your work requires you to travel long distances, your phone also dubs as your home entertainment system (how many movies have you downloaded on your smartphone?).

Even on being deeply integrated into our lives, we really don’t know much about these phones. So, we have compiled a list of 11 interesting facts about mobile phones that you should know. Take a look:



Nomophobia (Photo: Facebook)

Do you fear to lose your mobile phone? Do you get anxious if you are out of a coverage area? Do you fear running out of battery? If yes, congratulations, as you have a condition called ‘no mobile-phone phobia’ or Nomophobia.

Costliest mobile phone ever

iPhone, costliest phone

iPhone Black Diamond (Photo: Stuart Hughes)

Just like magic, technology always comes with a price (remember TV show- Once Upon A Time?). And if you happen to own an iPhone, cost matters. But do you know that world’s costliest smartphone is iPhone 5 Black Diamond? It costs a whopping $15.3 million and has 53 white diamonds and a black diamond embellished on it.

World’s first mobile phone

mobile phone

World’s first mobile phone (Photo: Wikimedia)

World’s first mobile phone was Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x. It had a talk time of 20 minutes and it took 10 hours to get completely charged. It case you’re wondering about the price, it was priced at $3,999 (Rs 2,59,000 approx).

World’s first call from a mobile phone

mobile phone, Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper (Photo: Wikimedia/Flickr)

World’s first call from a mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973, by a Motorola researcher Martin Cooper from New York to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey.

World’s first smartphone


World’s first smartphone (Photo: Wikimedia)

If you thought that iPhone was the world’s first smartphone, then you are absolutely wrong. World’s first smartphone was called ‘Simon Personal Communicator’ and it was launched by IBM on August 16, 1994. It had a stylus, a calendar, a calculator, a notepad and an address book pre-installed on it.

The Japanese phones

phones, japan

Phones in Japan (Photo: Wikimedia)

Admit it, you might be addicted to your smartphone but you never take it to shower with you! But do you know that 90 percent phones in Japan are waterproof! Apparently, Japanese people love their phones and they use it in the shower too.

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The mighty Apple

apple, china

iPhone users’ data stolen in China (Photo: Facebook)

iPhones will never go out of vogue and here’s the proof. Back in 2012, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones in 14 weeks. That is 262 phones per minute or 4 phones per second!

Highest mobile phone bill


Shocked (Photo: Flickr)

Are you constantly complaining about your mobile phone bill? Imagine how shocked Celina Aarons must have been when she found out that she owed $201,000 (Rs 13,000,000 approx) to a telecom company!

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The Android

Android, OS, Google

Android (Photo: Flickr)

iPhone might be the king of smartphones, but when it comes to mobile operating system Android rules the world. In fact, Android OS is powering over 80 percent smartphones in the world.

Your phone loves bacteria


Smartphone (Photo: Pexels)

Are you obsessed with cleanliness? How about your smartphone? According to a research, your phone has 18 times more bacteria than your toilet seat (want some sanitizer?).

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