Valentine's day 2017: Google's V-day doodle games are a tribute to love-struck pangolins

Google and WWF are joining forces to save pangolins. Are you up for the task

The festival of love is here and tech giant Google is celebrating the day of love– Valentine’s day by raising awareness about the plight of love struck pangolins.

For this, the tech giant has turned its Valentine’s Day doodle into an interactive game that tells the tale of two love-struck pangolins. “This Valentine’s Day, we’re telling the tale of two long-distance love who have been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Writing love letters to each other from far-off places, these pangolins know in their hearts that they’re scaly soulmates. What better day to meet for their first date than the most romantic day of the year,” Google wrote in a blog post.


Pongo love greeting (Photo: Google)

The animated doodle takes one of the pangolins on a long journey through Ghana, India, China and the Philippines to teach it how to best romance its partner. The pangolin first travels to Ghana, where it learns the fine art of making a chocolate cake. Next, the pangolin ventures to India, where it learns how to construct a lovely melody for its beloved.

After India, the pangolin travels to China, where he learns how to dance. In China, the pangolin collects colourful fans to lets ‘its dance moves do the talking’. On its final quest, the pangolin journeys to the Philippines, where he learns how to build a beautiful bouquet to charm his love who is waiting for him back at home.


Pongo love card (Photo: Google)

When the game ends, the pangolin finally makes its way back home and the pongo-couple lives happily ever after.

For those of you who don’t know, pangolins are scaly mammals that are found in Africa and Asia. Poached for their meat and scales, pangolins are the most-trafficked mammals in the world are listed as critically endangered by the World Wildlife Fund.