uTorrent is coming to your web browsers soon!

Soon you will be able to use uTorrent from your web browsers!

Nations across the globe are trying to curb online piracy by banning torrent websites but it seems that the Internet pirates have found a brand new way of skipping through the loops and reaching out to their audience. Bram Cohen, the American programmer who created Bit Torrent, has announced that uTorrent will soon be available on the web browsers. Users, however, will not have to install a separate browser extension or widget to use the updated application.

In an Interview to Torrent Freak, Cohen said that the revised version of uTorrent will run in the web browsers and offer a better experience to the users. He further added that this would not only help uTorrent to use modern widgets but also help the developers to ‘integrate an improved streaming experience’ based on the new technology.

The new revision would also carry some features from the Maelstrom, which is a web browser by Bit Torrent.

People have been using uTorrent to download movies and videos for a long time and the company is being cautious while introducing new updates to its platform.  The company plans to get feedback from its audience and ensure their satisfaction before the update is rolled out to everybody.

To give a quick recap, users had to install a separate app for downloading the movies and videos from uTorrent. This will, however, change as the users will be able to download movies and videos directly from the browser.