Twitter soon plans to broadcast non-stop videos

Is Twitter going the Facebook way?

The social media space is gradually shifting from text-based content to the videos. Facebook embraced this change a long time ago and finally, Twitter has accepted it too. The micro-blogging site is soon planning to broadcast non-stop video content on its platform i.e. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Twitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto said that the company would soon host 24/7 video content on its platform. Noto further said that the company was working on a lot of things and hosting videos was one of the prime areas that it was focussing on.

For Twitter, the window of profit lies in the 15 – 30 seconds unskippable ads that it would play in between the videos, for which the advertisers would pay.

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Despite losing the landmark NFL deal to Amazon, Twitter remains optimistic as it got other companies interested in the concept which in turn reflected in the volume of the conversation that took place on its platform. Though it would take some for the micro-blogging platform to turn the 24/7 video content into reality, but it could prove to be the winning formula for the company which is trying to get through a series of rough patches that it has experienced in the recent time.