Twitter doubled its character limit. And Twitterati's response to it will leave you in splits

This update is applicable for nearly everyone except users tweeting in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as these languages use fewer characters in writing.

You no longer have to struggle to fit a thought into a tweet, 140 characters to be precise. Because, Twitter has decided to do away with its iconic 140-character limit. The micro-blogging site is now officially doubling its character limit to 280.

Twitter, in its official statement, said that only 9 percent of the tweets written in English hit the 140 character limit. And people often spend more time in editing tweets before sending them or they abandon the tweet completely. Twitter believes that the revised character limit will not only encourage the people to tweet more often and but also allow them to tweet faster. This will, in turn, help the company to drive its sluggish growth.

Twitter began testing this feature back in September this year and the social networking platform is now rolling out the feature to its users globally.

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Earlier this year, the company stopped counting videos, images, GIFs, polls, and other forms of media in its character limit. It also stopped counting usernames in replies in its 140-character limit. Twitter had introduced the 140-character limit so that its tweets could fit into a single text message. However, most people these days are accessing its service via mobile app, making the limit a technical constraint.

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Meanwhile, the news has triggered a flurry of tweets, mostly hilarious, and we have chosen the best ones. Here’s what people have to say about Twitter’s new character limit:

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