Today in where-is-this-world-heading: 'smart' condoms that provide performance stats

After fitness trackers, it's time that you start tracking how well you performed in bed

In the era of technology, nothing is impossible. From devices that can detect your stress levels to the ones that can guide you on the number of brush strokes you need for luscious and long hair, technology has travelled far to become man’s best friend. After helping us with our fitness regime, technology is ready to help us keep a track of our performance in bed.

i.Con has introduced an innovative (and rather kinky) product that will give you detailed statistics on how well you perform in bed. For those of you who are still wondering how that’s possible, keep reading.

i.Con is a ‘smart condom’ that comes in the shape of a ring and fits over a regular condom. The ring keeps track of your sexual activity and even detects sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and syphilis.

According to the pre-order page, i.con measures factors like- calories burnt during sexual intercourse (forget Fitbit), total duration of sessions (the duration you ehmm…), girth measurement (do we even need to explain), average skin temperature (thermometer), different positions used (modern kama sutra) among others.

The device can be used over and over again and comes with an adjustment feature to meet individual requirements. i.Con comes with an integrated micro USB port for charging and takes approximately one hour to charge 100%. The battery will last for 6-8 hours worth of ‘live’ usage (no word on what ‘live’ means).

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i.Con comes integrated with nano-sensors that record all the data on your smartphone. It pairs up with your smartphone via an app. According to the company, all data will be kept anonymous but users can share their recent data with friends and even with the users worldwide (because that’s going to be so much good for your self-esteem).

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It will cost £59.99 (Rs 5,000 approx) and will initially be available in the UK only on However, the company plans to launch it worldwide soon. Though i.Con is still in its testing phase, you can pre-order it on the website. Question is, would you really want to?