This tech company is working real hard to keep their employees fit. Know how

This Chinese tech company is changing the work culture dynamics by making its employees walk 10,000 steps a day!

Earning a living in the twenty-first century can be a tedious task. Not because there’s immense work pressure, or because of the growing competition, or because the work just never ends, but because the work pressure often translates into health issues making us take endless trips to the doctor.

In the hullabaloo of out-pacing a life that is running at the speed of the light, we often end up compromising on our health. Needless to say that if ignored for long these health issues start taking a toll on our work life as well. The health of an individual is of concern not only to the individual himself but also to the organisation that the individual is a part of.

Taking the matter in its own hands, a Chinese tech company is changing the dynamics of work life by asking its employees to meet a mandate of 10,000 steps a day. How serious the company is about the entire scheme can be determined by the fact that the HR department is making all its employees sign up for a feature on the messaging app WeChat that tracks the number of steps that an individual has taken in a day (that’s pretty darn serious).

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What’s more? The company even has penalty planned for all those who fail to meet the minimum basic step-count for each day. Any employee who fails to meet the step-count has to do 50 to 100 push-ups the following day. The tech company, that has not been named, says that it introduced the new health norm as its staff members were facing health issues like neck and shoulder problems due to prolonged work hours and sitting jobs.

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10,000 steps and 100 push-ups might seem a number too difficult to achieve but what this company is doing for its employees is undoubtedly a noble move. Other companies sure can take some inspiration from this Chinese tech companies and start taking small steps for its employees.