This magic pen lets you pick colours from your surroundings and paint with them

The Scribble Pen is an electronic pen that picks colours from your surroundings to recreate them on paper and on your smartphone. You can even save colours using the Scribble app. Check out the details here

Our world is a beautiful place. It’s full of colours that can instil life even in dull and inanimate objects. From Chartreuse green that gives tree leaves their serene appeal in the monsoons, to Orchid, the shade that has been the crown of countless weddings, colours in nature are rare and difficult to reproduce. What if we told you there is a magic pen that not lets you pick colours from your surroundings but also lets you paint with it?

Sounds surreal? But it’s not!

Meet Scribble Pen– a water resistant electronic pen that captures and creates the colours that you pick from your surroundings. It works by capturing the colours from any surface using its built-in colour sensors and reproducing them using its colour cartridge that consists of a range of colours including Pantone, RGB, CMYK and HEX colour.

Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen (Photo: Facebook/Scribble)

The Scribble Ink Pen comes with three tip sizes and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and MicroUSB port, and is compatible with iOS 7 (and above) and Android 4.0 (and above).

Hold on, that’s not it!

Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen (Photo: Facebook)

There’s a Scribble Stylus Pen that lets you paint on your smartphones, touchscreen laptops and tablets as well, which is available in two tip variants– hard fine tip and soft rubber tip.

Talking about the price, while the Scribble Ink Pen is available for $249 (Rs 16,000 approx), the Scribble Stylus Pen is available for $99 (Rs 6,300 approx). So what are you waiting for? Get your Scribble Pen and unleash the artist in you!

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