Tech alert! This smart jacket from Google, Levi's smart jacket will cost you $350

This smart jacket will make you look lot as hell!

The wait for the smartest wearable gadget is almost over as the ‘smart commuter jacket’ born out of a collaboration between Google and Levi’s is ready and it will be out in the stores this fall. After teasing the concept nearly two years back in 2015, the company is ready to launch the jacket and it will cost just $350 (Rs 23,000 approx).

Unlike all the other wearables available in the market, Levis’s commuter jacket gives you seamless connectivity all thanks to its clever design wherein the electronics are literally woven into the fabric. The sheer simplicity of this smart jacket lies in the fact that it connects to all your devices wirelessly. So you can tap on your sleeve to turn on the music or swipe up to silence your smartphone. You can even get an estimated ETA on your destination.

The backbone of this innovative gadget lies in the fabric that is woven with a conductive yarn. The conductive yarn can be woven into nearly any fabric including cotton, silk and polyester to give the final fabric that can be woven at any standard industrial loom. The smart jacket, that has been exclusively made for the bikers, comes with a detachable cufflink that connects the fabric, which registers the touch inputs, to a smartphone app via a Bluetooth link.

The best part about the jacket is that you can be washed it like your regular garments, except the cufflink. And don’t worry about getting an electric shock as it is completely safe!