Samsung to launch an auto-reply app to prevent distracted driving

Here's how Samsung plans to prevent distracted driving

The temptation to respond to calls and messages while driving is almost too strong to resist and it can land us in a great deal of trouble.

Though we know the consequences can be potentially hazardous, we often end up ignoring that voice at the back of head asking us to keep our phones aside.

So, to prevent distracted driving Korean electronics giant Samsung is working on an app called ‘In-Traffic’. It is an intelligent app that automatically sends a reply to a text message that you receive while you are driving. The app uses GPS and other sensors in your smartphone to sense when you are driving or riding to send a reply.

At present, you can opt for one of the two options for replying– a standard reply stating, “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment.”; or use a pre-set fun replies with animation. In the final version of the app, you will be able to create your own reply.

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Currently, the app is being beta tested in Netherland and the company plans to launch the full version in mid-May in the Google Play Store.