What kind of Facebook user are you

Facebook has become a friend to whom we tell everything like what we are doing, where are we going, our pictures, videos and what not.

What’s on your mind? This is the first question every day almost all of us see when we open Facebook. Ya, Facebook has become a part of our life. It has become a friend to whom we tell everything like what we are doing, where are we going, our pictures, videos and what not. According to a study that came last year, a person spends more than 50 minutes on Facebook in a day and some of us do even more. So, here is a fun piece on judging you (wink). Don’t be scared, we are just telling you about different types of Facebook users.

1. You are on Facebook but never post. You prefer stalking other people’s posts, pictures, and other activities. You often get on the Facebook during wee hours and never return in the day-time. You are like a ghost who loves to check what others are doing but don’t want others to know what are you up to.


Yes? Is that you?..Well, you are a Silent Stalker

2. You know how to engage people. You have a sense of meaningful conversations. You can talk about different subjects like politics, relationships, religion or anything. You are often found debating on politics. You just go on and on talking, forgetting what the real question was. Is that you?

Then, you are a Conversationalist (a person who is good at engaging in conversation).

3. You are super proud of your body. Your muscles and abs speak a lot about you. The videos, you share are all of gyming and fitness. Mostly, your pictures are half naked and your muscles are too perfect for people to ignore.

Ya right! We know you are a Fitness Freak

4. Your Facebook feed is full of your pictures. Your duckface and that pout are making you look an absolute stunner. So, you got a new little black dress. Upload the picture asap. Full-mirror image is cool, man. This has to go on Facebook. You love using different filters?

So, you are a Poser

5. Your feed is filled with adorable dogs and cats pictures. Even your friends know this now and they love liking every video where a cat or dog is playing. You can’t let them down now. And your check-ins at impromptu trip to dog parks are must.

Animal Lover, you are!

6. Every group has that one friend who loves food. Well, they don’t like sharing food in real but love doing it on Facebook. You love trying out at different restaurants and check-in is must, you don’t touch your food before clicking a picture or don’t let anybody sip a drink unless click game is done. You always share food videos too, well here you are.

Foodie! right?

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7. You love interfering in everybody’s business. Ya think, if people are writing anything on Facebook, it is your right to comment. You love spamming posts and want people to know that who is the boss! You often take things too far and later think, oops!

People are afraid of you Mr. Troller

8. Your life is too cool to ignore. You hangout with friends and love sharing it with the world. Your tiny stories are worth talking about. People love to know what’s up in your life and they share their experiences on your post. You share your pictures, quotes and everything you love.

Man, you are one cool Dude/Dudette, and people wait for your posts