Pokemon GO gets major updates ahead of Pokemon GO Fest; click here to find out

Nintendo has released major updates to Pokemon GO ahead of the Pokemon GO Fest, which is scheduled to kick off on July 22, 2017. Trainers will now be able to give Berries to their Pokemon even when they are not nearby

Pokemon GO Fest is about to kick off on July 22, 2017, at various locations across the globe. Ahead of the event which marks the first anniversary of the game, the makers of Pokemon GO have released major updates to the game that you just wouldn’t want to miss. The updates are available as a part of version 0.69.0 for Android operating system and version 1.39.0 for iOS.

As a part of the latest updates, trainers will be able to send Berries to their Pokémon defending the Gyms through info screen even when they are not nearby. However, the motivation gained by your Pokemon this way will be less effective than the motivation gained when you give them Berries while you are physically around the Pokemon gym.

Trainers will also be able to spin the Photo Disc at a gym after completing a raid battle giving you the opportunity to collect items from the gym immediately after the battle. Additionally, trainers will now be able to give Berries to their Pokemon even when their motivation meter is full. This gives you an alternative to using the additional Berries instead of just throwing them away.

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Apart from this, the gaming giant has also added icons to the information screen that will help the trainers to find out how the Pokemon was caught. Nintendo has also fixed various issues wherein the trainers were unable to complete the raid battles that started before time expired on the map view. The company has also improved screen search functionality and fixed issue where Pokemon did not return to their trainers after defending a gym.

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