Photography buffs alert! Now you turn your Android smartphone into a 360 degree camera

A device that can change the way you click photos from your phone

Are you are photography lover and you’re bored of clicking pics the conventional way? If yes, then we have a surprise for you that will make your day.

Meet Insta360 Air, a camera that will turn your Android smartphone into a 360-degree camera. And the best part about it is that unlike all other cameras that offer a 360-degree experience, this one is super-cheap and pocket-friendly.

So, what’s so special about Insta360 Air?
Insta360 Air is an ultra-portable smartphone camera that captures 360-degree HD images and videos that can be shared on social media instantaneously.

The camera features an advanced 210-degrees dual fish-eye lens and advanced stabilisation technology for capturing steady images and videos.

You can click photos and videos in four modes- flat, sphere, VR and planet- to give your images and videos a twist of fate! Insta360 Air, you can even share images and videos directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger and WhatsApp, and live-stream an entire event.

But that’s not it. The camera can also double into a 360-degree webcam, giving you full flexibility to connect your laptops and tabs to it.

Insta360 Air, camera

Insta360 Air camera (Photo: Insta360)

What about price and colour?
Well, Insta360 Air is available in four adorable colours- Matte black, Rose pink, White and silver and Rich gold.

The price varies according to the accessories that you choose. While Insta360 Air with a transfer cable is available for just $99 (Rs 6,600 approx), a kit containing the camera, a transfer cable, a tripod, a smartphone adapter and a mount, is available for $125 (Rs 8,400 approx).

Insta360 Air, camera

Insta360 Air (Photo: Insta360)

What about connectivity?
Insta360 Air can connect to any Android smartphone like Samsung S7, S7 edge, and Huawei P9 via a USB-C port and Type-C connector.


Insta360 Nano, camera

Insta360 Nano (Photo: Twitter/Insta360)

What if I use an iPhone?
The good news is that iPhone users too can enjoy the same benefits using Insta360 Nano, which has been specially designed for iPhones. The camera is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus and 6s.