Mattel's Hologram Barbie is the tech toy that need to have in your collection!

Our beloved Barbie is getting a twist of fate and it's one tech toy that you should definitely own!

As kids we always fancied having an elusive Barbie doll in our collection of toys. For those who owned one, it was not only a thing of great pride but also a source of endless entertainment. Inviting friend over for a tea-party and weaving stories around the Barbie doll is one thing that young girls used to do very often. As we grew up, these gorgeous dolls formed a part of our fondest childhood memories.

After surprising us with its countless avatars including that of Gigi Hadid and Wonder Woman, our beloved doll is back with a brand new avatar. And this time she’s is all ready to meet the demands of the tech savvy Gen-X. No, we are not talking about a scientist or an engineer Barbie, instead we are talking about a hologram Barbie!

Mattel, the company that manufactures Barbie, recently unveiled ‘Hello Barbie Hologram’ at annual fair in New York City. The hologram of Barbie, that is housed inside a pink plastic case, remains active as long as the power in the toy stays plugged in and features voice commands to change her appearance, clothes and even skin tone.


Hello Hologram Barbie (Photo: Mattel)

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Another interesting feature about this hologram is that it can connect with the Internet, hold conversations, give dance lessons, tell you about the weather outside and even tell time. What’s more? You can even set task reminders and play music via your smartphone using this tech toy.

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If you are worried about the price, then there’s something you should know. The company said that the ‘Hello Barbie Hologram’ would cost less than $300 (Rs 20,000 approx) and it would be available in the market later this year. Owing this special edition doll is likely to burn a hole in your pocket, but nevertheless, it’a worth every single penny spend!