iPhone 8 details revealed! It will remind you of Samsung Galaxy S8

Is Apple going the Samsung way with iPhone 8?

Now that Apple’s biggest rival Samsung has laid its card on the table by launching its flagship device Galaxy S8, it’s time that we shift our focus back to the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X or iPhone Edition or whatever you like to call it). Rumour has it that Apple is going for a bezel-free display in its upcoming smartphone by removing the home screen button.

The question is what happens to the Touch ID, which has been a dominant feature in iPhones for a long time? The latest rumours suggest that the company is taking the Touch ID to the back of the iPhone screen beneath the Apple logo. While this will dramatically reduce the bezels on the display, it will also mean that the users will have to put in extra efforts while using the phone with their dominant hand (bezel-less display…this feature seems familiar…Of course, Galaxy S8!).

The home screen button will purportedly replace the home screen button on the display screen with a virtual one mimicking yet another feature offered by Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Apple is still considering various designs for its anniversary edition model and the word is that the new iPhone will sport a curved (well, almost curved) OLED display, taking a closer to the Samsung smartphones in terms of design. The company is also considering to replace the glass back with a metal back making iPhone 8 stronger and resistant to damage on falling.

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Apple enjoys a loyal fan base across the globe. When it comes to technology, it’s second to none. However, the tech giant is clearly struggling with its design considerations, an area where Samsung is setting the trends. Will Apple be able to woo us with its gorgeous design or will iPhone 8 be like other smartphones existing in the Android ecosystem? We won’t know anything for sure till the company gives us a peak later this year.