Indian Express Group launches India's first stack-based, mobile-led platform for gadgets - is India’s first stack-based, mobility-led platform for tech gadgets

Indian Express Digital on Monday announced the launch of, India’s first stack-based platform for tech gadgets. Launched with an aim to simplify smartphone decision-making, Techook is set to be a major disruptor in the tech journalism space. It has the most unique, card-based UI both for desktop and mobile, setting world-class UI standard coming from India.

One of the key reasons why the launch is heralded as a game-changing development is its focus on ensuring information credibility and data-backed review processes for gadgets. Every smartphone is subjected to a rigorous review process to generate a comprehensive performance report. With a numeric rating assigned to every parameter tested over a 7-day period, Techook does not cut any corners to generate completely impartial smartphone ratings to provide objective information to its readers. Products are also sorted into different categories according to user profiles to enable swifter discoverability and better navigation. Techook will also curate relevant news and updates along with how-to videos and articles in order to keep readers up-to-date with the latest developments from the world of gadgets.

Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Amar, CEO, Indian Express Digital, said, “Techook is one of the most innovative media launches in India. The design and UI is totally unique, along with the most comprehensive analysis of each and every feature and specification of mobile phones(to begin with). Techook will make decision making for buying mobile phones easier than ever before. The stack-based platform in the Indian scenario, will be the most unique and user-friendly UI. We are confident of creating great user value with comprehensive content around mobile phones and in the future, around other gadgets. This will be an ad-free product and user experience will be of the highest standard.”

But what really sets Techook apart from other tech portals is its focus on leveraging technology as a key differentiator. The platform has employed world-class technology for an uncluttered user experience, pioneering the card-format layout in India. This allows users to move from one page to another without leaving the current page. There is no browser load, and the navigation is smooth and hassle-free with swipe-based, ad-free premium content and layout. This focus on a seamless interface and engaging content has allowed the platform to capture and retain reader interest.

“In this digital day and age, technological adoption is no longer a choice. This also reflects in how Techook is designed. We have conducted exhaustive market research and user feedback surveys to create a platform that met and exceeded the expectations of the new-age user. With this launch, we are now one step closer to cementing our leadership status in the tech journalism segment,” added Sandeep Amar.

The launch of follows close on the heels of the launch of (Homepage of millennials), and underlines the Indian Express Group’s commitment to bringing world-class products for Indian audiences. The platform plans to add more review categories in the future in addition to smartphones, as it sets about empowering Indian consumers with the most objective and credible product information available.