If You've Bought The New iPad Pro, Better Use It Carefully Or It Might Just Bend

iPad Pro is now available in India and starts at Rs 71,900 for the 11-inch model

For devices all over the world, it’s normal for them to get scratched or cracked if they face extreme pressure. But for Apple, the new ‘normal’ is if your phone actually bends because of your thumbs. Just a few days after its release, videos on YouTube and social media have emerged, showing how the iPad Pro 2018 bends and breaks easily on applying just a touch of force. If you go by the durability test performed by Zack Nelson of JerryRigsEverything, it only takes minimal pressure to break the product and render it useless.

According to the YouTuber,

“A tablet the size of a piece of paper folds like a piece of paper. The iPad Pro is a thin, ridgeless aluminium sack with no structure holding things together. Like tinfoil wrapped around mashed potatoes.”

This is the second time Apple is taken by storm over ‘Bendgate’. In 2014, it was shown that iPhone 6 could be bent quite easily if pressure is applied to specific weak points just below the volume buttons and that became a PR nightmare for Apple.

The YouTube channel put the latest iPad Pro through various tests and the tablet did not fare well. The tablet cracked down right through the middle, which the host blamed on the compromised integrity of the product. He stated that the bending and cracking happened due to the single microphone hole on the left.

In other tests, it was seen that the device has an extremely scratch prone back on which the host decided to draw a portrait of Spider-Man. The front glass display started scratching at level 6 of hardness, whereas it was the same case for the sapphire camera lens on the back. However, usual sapphire starts scratching at level 9 of hardness, which was also pointed out by the host.

iPad Pro is now available in India and starts at Rs 71,900 for the 11-inch model, while the 12.9-inch model starts at Rs 89,990.