Here's why buying Nokia 3310 is just a waste of money

Here's what you can do with the money you have saved for Nokia 3310

After bringing its iconic Nokia 3310 to Germany and Austria, HMD Global is ready to launch the smartphone in the markets of the United Kingdom. UK-based retailer Clove has listed the phone along with its siblings– Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 for pre-orders on its website. While Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will be available on June 30, Nokia 6 will be available sometime in June and Nokia 3310 will be available in mid-June.

Interestingly, Nokia 3310 will be available for £59.99 in the UK, which roughly translates to Rs 5,000 in the Indian currency. However, splurging such a big sum for a phone with no practical functionality apart from its ‘modernised vintage appeal’ is a total waste.

Granted that it’s virtually unbreakable (typical Nokia phones!) and it has the rejigged version of Snakes (the mother of all mobile video games), the phone does not offer value for money at all.

Let’s take a look at the specifications. At a time when the world is moving towards 5G connectivity, Nokia 3310 is offering just 2G connectivity (are we still living in the stone age!). While the screen size might not be an issue, as we are not looking at for a typical smartphone here, the phone has 16MB internal storage with 32MB expandable memory. Hello! we aren’t using CDs anymore.

Talking about connectivity, 3310 has Bluetooth 3.0 and USB port 2.0, which means no GPS or Wi-Fi. Even if we don’t use mobile data, how does the company expect us to use the Internet? Last time I checked, we were still living in the Internet era!

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Once upon a time, Nokia used to dominate the global smartphone sales. As Android gained popularity, Nokia’s Symbian operating system was crushed to death. The company is making the same mistake again by introducing 30+ OS in 3310. Has anyone even ever heard of the OS before this? OK, the hardware of Nokia 3310 isn’t strong enough to support the latest versions of Android, but the company could have done something better.

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If you want to get the phone just because it has that ‘ancient’ appeal to it, go ahead. But if you are looking for a phone with basic functionality, Nokia 3310 is a total waste of money.

Meanwhile, here’s what you can do with 5 grand:

1) Buy a good-old fashioned Levi’s denim
2) Buy high-quality headphones
3) Buy Bluetooth speakers
4) Go on a solo trip
5) Go for a relaxing body spa
6) Go for dinner date with your friends
7) Buy sports shoes
8) Buy a smartphone with better specifications

Updated later: Well, the phone is priced £59.99 in the UK, which roughly translates to Rs 5,000. In India, the phone is launched for Rs 3310. Think twice before investing Rs 3310 for the snake game.