Here's what forced ShopClues founder Sandeep Aggarwal to sue his wife as well as co-founder, Sanjay Sethi

What would you do if one day you return home to find out that you have been thrown out of your own company and home is not the same?

Life is full of perils and sometimes when going gets tough, situations can take a toll on your personal life as well. Something similar happened in the case of ShopClues founder Sandeep Aggarwal, whose life took a U-turn after he was arrested by the FBI in 2013 in the US where he was working as a research analyst for a San Francisco-based financial services firm.

Sandeep founded ShopClues, which is an online marketplace, in 2011 along with his wife Radhika Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi. However, he had to hand over the reins of the company to his wife after he was involved in an insider trading case in the US in 2013. He pleaded guilty and returned home in 2014 only to find that his life had toppled while he had been away.

According to a report in Inc42, when Sandeep returned back to India, he noticed that Radhika had stopped wearing her wedding ring and started using her maiden name Ghai. In October 2016 Sandeep realised that he had been stripped off his right to nominate a board member back in 2014 and that both Radhika and Sanjay had kept him in the dark.

After Sandeep got to know about the conspiracy that the duo had hatched in his absence, he filed three separate cases– an Economic Offense Wing complaint with the Gurugram police, an adultery case in Gurugram Sanjay Sethi in December 2016 and a criminal defamation case against Sanjay and his estranged wife in a Delhi court on March 13, 2017.

“Sandeep has been wronged on multiple counts by people he trusted the most. He is deeply hurt and while he stands by each and every word, he regrets having made the emotional outburst and using public media to express it,” his press team said in a statement to the media after Sandeep made several allegations against his wife in two Facebook posts.

In his Facebook post, Sandeep accused Radhika of having an illicit love affair with the partner, tampering with Wikipedia page of the company and stripping him of his rights as the company’s founder among other things. He also questioned Radhika’s educational and professional credentials.

Today Sandeep is not only fighting for his rights as the founder of the company but is also battling to get his family back.