Google Maps now tells you the best time to travel to your destination

Google has rolled out a new update to its Google Maps app that gives users a graph of the best time to travel between two locations. Here's how the new feature works

Google is constantly updating all its platforms introducing new and innovative features for its users. Earlier this year, the search engine giant had rolled out a new feature giving users live traffic updates on a route in advance along with the amount of delay that is expected on a particular route. And now the tech giant has introduced a new feature that tells users the best time to travel between two locations.

The new feature that is available for Android users of Google Maps shows a time graph depicting the best time to travel between two location along with giving the directions to travel from their current location to their destination. It shows an approximate time period during which the traffic conditions will be ideal for travelling. The ideal travel time is highlighted in green and it appears along with the time taken to travel between the two locations via the fastest route.

Google Maps

Google Maps (Photo: Google Maps)

Though the data provided by Google Maps is not precise, as it gives a rough estimate of the ideal travelling time, it is useful when you know your travel plan in advance. The best part about the update is that it is available in India as well allowing users to schedule their meetings in advance.

In case you are still wondering, here’s how you can view the graph:

Step 1: Open your Google Maps app

Step 2: Tap on ‘Get Directions’ option

Step 3: Enter your location and your destination

Step 4: Swipe up the windows showing the shortest time between the locations you entered.

Bon Voyage folks!

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