From iPad 2 Gold to Emerald PC Notebook, these 7 costliest gadgets will burn a hole in your pocket

From 11-feet tall iPhone docking system to MacBook made of gold and platinum, here are seven crazy gadgets that you just won't buy. Check out the details here

The cost of technology is on a rise. The better the specifications, the costlier the device gets. Talking about the price, devices like laptops and music systems are costly as it is but with precious stones like diamonds and emeralds embedded in them, the cost can skyrocket to unimaginable limits. Earlier we talked about smartphones that are worth billions of dollars (FYI, the cheapest one costs around 1 crore), now it’s time that we shift our focus to other gadgets that will burn a billion dollar-sized hole in your pockets.

Take a look at some of the craziest gadgets:

iPad 2 Gold History Edition

Apple products are costly by designer Stuart Hughes has taken the price and the design to new heights. iPad 2 gold has been made from 2,000 grammes of 24 carats gold and has 53 diamonds embellished on it. The front frame of the device has been made from a 75 million years old Ammolite, which has been sourced from Canada. Sections of the front have been made from the thigh bone of a 65 million-year-old T-REX Dinosaur. Price: £5,000,000 (Rs 41,42,98,608 approx).

iPad 2

iPad 2 Gold History (Photo: Stuart Hughes)

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound 24ct Gold & Diamond Edition

Are you planning to redecorate your house? How about buying a music system that is made of gold? Bang & Olufsen Beosound music system has been made of 32 kilogrammes of 24 carats gold and 70 round cut diamonds that have been placed alongside gemstones Aventurine & Topaz. Price: £1,200,000 (Rs 9,94,11,600 approx).

music system

Bang Olufsen Beosound (Photo: Stuart Hughes)

MacBook Air SUPREME Platinum Edition

Don’t like Gold? How about Platinum? Designed by Stuart Hughes, the casing of MacBook Air SUPREME Platinum Edition laptop has been made from solid Platinum that weighs nearly 7 kilogrammes. This MacBook air is not just a laptop but a piece of art. Price: £319,995 (Rs 2,64,99,370 approx).


MacBook Air SUPREME Platinum Edition (Photo: Stuart Hughes)

Macbook Air SUPREME FIRE Edition

Here’s another Macbook that is beyond the range of most people. Designed by Stuart Hughes, Macbook Air SUPREME FIRE Edition is made of 24 carats gold and has 53 25.5 carats diamonds embedded on it. Only 10 such units have been made. Price: £219,995 (Rs 41,40,59,125 approx).

Macbook Air

Macbook Air SUPREME FIRE Edition (Photo: Stuart Hughes)

The Luvalgio Laptop

If you thought Alienware and Macs are the costliest laptops, you will definitely change your views after reading this. According to reports, the 1 million dollar laptop boasts of 128 GB hard drive, USB slots, built-in Blu-ray drive and a mp3 player. It has a large jewel that serves as the power button. Price: $1 million (Rs 6,44,75,000 approx).


Luvalgio Laptop (Photo: Facebook)

AeroDream One iPhoneDock

Before you start reading about what this crazy gadget does, here’s a question we would like you to answer– how much do you love you iPhone/ iPad? Do you love it enough to get a docking station cum speaker worth $560,000 to use it? Well, if you do, AeroDream One, which has been designed by Jarre Technologies is the ideal gadget for you. This docking is 11-feet tall and weighs more than 870 pounds. Fair warning: you will need a ladder to get your iPhone back. Price: $560,000 (Rs 3,60,89,200 approx).

AeroDream One

AeroDream One (Photo: Facebook/
Jean Michel Jarre)

Ego Lifestyle Emerald PC Notebook

While shopping for a laptop or a notebook what do you prefer– style or specifications? In case you are looking for a stylish new laptop that looks equally gorgeous Ego Lifestyle Emerald PC is your pick. With 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and has been handcrafted with an exterior made of crocodile Italian leather. Price: $10,900 (Rs 7,02,178 approx).

 Emerald Notebook

Ego Lifestyle Emerald PC Notebook (Photo: Facebook/Ritzy Trends)

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