Forget cars, Ford is designing cribs that will help your baby sleep better

Rock your baby to sleep in Ford's smart crib!

Ford is known for its SUVs like Eco Sports and Fiesta and classics like Ford Mustang. The company has dominated the global automobile market for over a century. After wooing the world with its robust vehicles, the company is ready to take a leap from automobile to something more delicate albeit familiar.

Ford designers in Spain are designing a crib (that’s right) that replicates the gentle motion of a car to help your baby sleep better.

Dubbed as Max Motor Dreams, the bassinet replicates the soft hum and gentle rocking motion of a car to simulate the experience of a car ride. The prototype crib, that has been made in association with a Madrid-based creative agency Espadaysantacruz Studio, also features LEDs that replicate the street light, giving your baby an authentic car-ride experience.


Smart crib (Photo: Ford)

You can drive around the city to record the car’s unique motions and sounds. This information is then uploaded to the high-tech crib via an accompanying app which plays the low engine sound along with the rocking motions. You can record anything from a drive around your neighbourhood to a long drive using the app to give your baby a familiar riding experience.

Surprisingly, Ford is not the only company that has come up with the idea of a smart crib. A renowned US-based paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp recently developed a smart-crib called The Snoo, which senses when a baby is crying and viberates gently to put the baby back to sleep. Priced at $1,160 (Rs 74,800 approx), The Snoo is available for purchase via