Facing issues with your Google Play Store? Here are 5 possible cures you can try

Are you facing issues with your Google Play Store? From restarting your phone to restoring factory settings, here are five instant fixes you can try

Google Play Store is one of the most important applications on our smartphones. It not only gives us speedy access to countless apps including social messaging apps and games, but it also ensures that all the other apps on our smartphone stay updated. It’s like the mother of all apps that not only tends to our needs but also to the needs of our smartphone.

But sometimes it so happens that this powerhouse stops working and we are left hapless wondering how to fix this apparent disaster. Given the countless virus-prone apps that have bugged Google Play Store recently, for many of us, our anti-virus apps must be raising a red flag on the app.

But don’t worry, as we have some easy fixes for you that will solve all your Google Play Store-related problems almost instantly. Check these out:

Restart your phone

Android OS

Android OS (Photo: Pixabay)

Ok, let’s start with the basics. One trick that works with most Android smartphones is restarting it. This trick usually works well with minor issues. However, if your problem persists, check for any disabled apps in your App Settings (Tip: some disabled apps can mess with your Play Store).

To access the list of apps on your smartphone, follow these steps: Settings> Apps.

‘Force Stop’ your Google Play Store

google play

Google Play (Photo: Google Play Store)

It may not be ideal, but sometimes the best way to cure your app store is by closing the app altogether. The app will work just fine even after force closing it. Consider it a kind of time out of the app.

Here’s how you can force close the app store: Settings> Apps> Google Play Store> Force Stop. Try opening the app now and if the problem persists, jump on to the next step.

Clear cache from your phone

google play

Google Play 2 (Photo: Google Play Store grab)

Cache is one pesky component of our phone memory that can cause gigantic problems silently. If your phone is not responding to one of the two cures mentioned above, chances are that there are issues with the cache memory of your phone.

Here’s how you can clear the cache memory of your smartphone: Settings> Apps> Google Play Store> Storage> Clear Cache.

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Uninstall Play Store

google play

Google Play (Photo: Google Play Store grab)

Don’t be scared as we aren’t asking you to actually uninstall your play store (as that will be crazy). What we are asking you to do is uninstalling the updates and restoring the app to its older version. It’s a bit complicated but you can restore the current version of the app just as easily.

Here’s how you can uninstall the updates: Settings> Apps> Google Play Store> Disable.

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Restore the factory settings of your phone

google play

Google Play (Photo: Google Play Store grab)

If nothing else works, this one is your fail safe. However, be careful and take a back up of all the data on your smartphone before you proceed with this option. You can use Google Cloud or your device account to store your data.

Here’s how you can restore your phone to the factory settings: Settings> General Management> Reset> Factory Data Reset.

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