Facebook Messenger video chat gets new reactions, masks and filters

Facebook Messenger just added a bunch of new features to its video chat feature that will let you share reactions, filters and mask on your video chat. Check out the details inside

Video chatting on Facebook just got a whole lot interesting! Facebook has added a bunch of new animated reactions, masks and filters to the video chat feature on its Messenger app, that will video chatting a fun experience for you. You can not only share photos with Instagram-like filters but also add interesting reactions to your video chat. Check out Facebook Messenger’s quirky new updates here:

Add a reaction

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Reactions (Photo: Facebook)

As you know, Facebook gives you five options to react to any post on its platform– love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. Messenger’s latest update lets you share the animated version of these reactions onto your video chat screen. Interestingly, these reactions will vary when the camera is facing you and when it’s not. Confused? Check out the feature for yourself!

Add a filter

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Filters (Photo: Facebook)

Up until now, we all have been using filters on Instagram. Facebook is now bringing these filters onto the video chat in Facebook Messenger. You can choose from a variety of filters including black and white, red or yellow while sharing a photo during the video chat.

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Add a mask

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Masks (Photo: Facebook)

For those of you who don’t know, masks have been available in Messenger for quite some time now. And now the social media giant is adding a bunch of new masks to the Messenger. Facebook has also added animated effects like twinkling stars and falling stars to your video chat. Unlike the reactions, these masks will stay on the screen for the entire duration of the mask or until you take them off.

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And there’s a bonus feature as well!

You can even take screenshots of your video chats and share them with your friends or in a group on Facebook. All you need to do is tap on the camera icon and save in the gallery of your smartphone.

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