Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF by adding it to comments

Facebook is celebrating 30 years of GIF by adding it to the comments section of your Facebook posts. Users can already share GIFs on WhatsApp and Messenger. Watch some interesting GIF here

Facebook is celebrating 30 years of GIF in a unique style. And to mark the day, the social media giant has released a new update that lets you share GIFs in the comments section of the posts (finally!). To recall, you can already share GIFs in Facebook Messenger and in WhatsApp and now the feature is available on its native platform globally. “We know people love communicating with GIFs on Messenger, and we’re also making it easier to use GIFs on Facebook. Today we’re introducing the ability to add GIFs in comments for all people on Facebook globally,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

So how do I add GIFs to the comments?

Adding a GIF in the comments section of a post is really simple. All you need to do is tap on the GIF button in the comments section, type in what you are looking for and tap on add (yes it’s that simple!).

But the party doesn’t end there. Facebook has partnered with GIPHY Studios, which has created 20 interesting GIFs featuring popular celebrities in the web space, which includes– Patrick Starr, Wuz Good, DNCE, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, Violet Benson, DREEZY, Brandi Marie and Landon Moss. These GIFs will be available on GIPHY.com/Facebook.

Lastly, Facebook is preparing to find an answer to the debate over how the word ‘GIF’ (With ‘G’ like ‘Gorilla’ or ‘G’ like ‘Giraffe’) is pronounced (that’s one question that has confused generations). To solve this mystery, Facebook has started a poll on Facebook asking people to cast their vote. You can also cast your vote by visiting the Facebook page in your smartphone app. Hopefully, we will have an answer to the mystery soon!

To give you a short lesson in history, Graphics Interchange Format also known as GIF was developed by US-based software developer Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. GIF got its last major update in 1989 and same the company (CompuServe) developed PNG image format as a replacement to GIF.

Meanwhile, take a look at the GIFs Facebook has shared:

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