Move over 4G. With 5G you can download 3 HD movies, 1250 songs in 1 second

1250 songs and 2000 HD pics in just a second, 5G is on its way and it'll change the way we use the Internet

In the age of Internet, speed and time are of paramount importance. From making banking transaction to streaming movies online to booking movie tickets and downloading songs, it’s all about how fast you can perform transactions over the Internet.

However, fluctuating mobile networks coupled with sluggish data speed has not only prevented the people from availing to the benefits of the available technology but also provided a buffer to the growth of the existing technology in our country. At a time when the world is experimenting with the 5G speeds and the Internet service providers (ISPs) are upgrading their infrastructure to meet the requirements that would enable the 5G to foster, India is still struggling to maintain stable 3G speed across all regions in the country.

Even though the light of 4G has already arrived in our country, we are yet to witness the super speeds that this network promised. Having said so, it’s interesting to note that American telecommunication giant AT&T has already started experimenting with the 5G network and has even unveiled its plans of introducing it to two of the cities in the US. But AT&T is not the only one that has been invested in the cause.

While Samsung Electronics has achieved a speed of 7.5 Gbps in its tests, researchers from Hiroshima University, Panasonic and Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology have succeeded in developing a super-fast 100Gbps wireless internet network. 5G Innovation Centre, which is commonly known as 5GIC, has achieved a speed of up to 1Tbps in its tests.

Realistically speaking, it’s safe to assume that when the 5G network is introduced formally, it would offer a super-speed of about 10 Gbps. However, if you’re still wondering how will the 5G network change the dynamics around the Internet, then here’s a clue:

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  • With a speed of 10Gbps, you can download 3 HD movies in just one second.
  • If you are a music lover, you would be able to download approximately 1,250 songs in a second.
  • For all the collectors, who are in love with their HD wallpapers, with 5G you can download nearly 2,000 HD images in a second.
  • For all those who depend on video calling apps like Skype to stay connected to their loved ones, 5G means uninterrupted video calls without any time delay.
  • For movie buffs, who live on video streaming sites like Netflix, 5G speed would mean saying goodbye to sluggish speeds and watching HD movies at ease, anytime anywhere.
  • 5G also means you don’t have to wait for your video to buffer on YouTube.
  • With 5G you can also go for uninterrupted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) on your smartphone.

Excited already? Well, let’s hope that this ship comes to town soon!