Beware! There's a fake Google out there

Fake Google is giving Internet nightmares to people around the globe

When searching for information on the web, we probably don’t think about verifying the domain, especially when it’s the most trusted search engine- Google.

But maybe you should!

The Next Web noticed something weird on one of its domains in the Google Analytics, a platform that the websites use to monitor traffic. The website noticed a piece of spam on its analytics that was telling them to “Vote for Donald Trump”. That was weird enough as was the fact that the traffic was coming from ‘secret.’.

And if you actually click on the link, you would be redirected to the following web address:

Fake Google

Fake Google malware link

Yes, those are they lyrics from a Pink Floyd song ‘Money’! Did you spot the difference between the URL and real yet?

To simplify the task for you, the difference is the letter ‘G’ which is actually a Unicode character for ‘Latin Letter Small Capital G’. While the link looks relatively harmless but it can leave your computer vulnerable to malware and viruses. Spammers often use similar looking URLs to send fake traffic to websites.

So next you go surfing on the web, ensure that you’re not being scammed by a spammer!