Apple’s iPhone turns 10: Here are 10 interesting facts about it

Do you know Time magazine named Apple's iPhone 'invention of the year' in 2007? As iPhone turns 10, here are some interesting facts about the smartphone

Apple’s iPhone is a name that needs no introduction. Steve Jobs launched the company’s very first smartphone– ‘iPhone’ on June 29, 2007, marking the beginning of an era of smart devices that offered their users more than the ‘ordinary’ phones of that age. As Apple released the updated version of iPhone each year, the device gained popularity gradually becoming a cult phenomenon with a group of loyal followers.

iPhones have come a long way since the time of their inception. The company has added a variety of features including a personal assistant (for reference, Siri was introduced in October 2011), video calling (read: face time) and Apple Music over the years, giving royal perks to its fans and loyalists.

As Apple’s iPhone turns 10 we bring to you 10 interesting facts about it:

Apple’s iPhone wasn’t the first iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone (Photo: Pixabay)

Shocked? Cisco Systems had patented the name long before Apple named its smartphone ‘iPhone’. Cisco’s iPhone that enabled its users to use Skype without a computer. The company even filed a lawsuit against Apple. The case was later settled with both the companies keeping the rights to use the term ‘iPhone’.

iPhone ads always have 9:41 a.m. on their clock


iphone 6 Sale (Photo: Amazon)

Ever wondered why Apple’s ads show iPhone timed at 9:41 AM? That’s because the company starts its special event at 9 AM and it takes exactly 40 minutes for the big screen at the event to show the ad.

Samsung makes processors for Apple’s iPhones

Apple, iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 (Photo: Express File Photo)

This piece of info comes as a shock greater than the fall of the Berlin wall! Apple and Samsung might be archrivals in reality, but when it comes to the processors, Apple has Samsung in its heart.

iPhone was called ‘Purple’

apple, iphone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s (Photo: Facebook/ iPhones)

Can you imagine calling an iPhone ‘Purple’? We, can’t. Back when iPhone was being developed, the project was codenamed as ‘Purple’ and the developers even called their section at the Apple headquarters called the ‘Purple Dorm’.

Apple loves Bono

Apple Music

Apple Music (Photo: Flickr)

This fact might throw you a bit off the grid. Open Apple Music and scroll over to the ‘Artists’ section in the app. The artist in the image is Bono, the lead singer of American band U2.

Steve Jobs pranked Starbucks at iPhone launch


Starbucks (Photo: Wikimedia)

Steve Jobs made a prank call to a nearby Starbucks ordering 4,000 lattes as he introduced iPhone back in 2007. Though he cancelled the order soon after, imagine how shocked the barista who took the call must have been.

iPhones love for patent

iPhone 7, Apple

iPhone7 (Photo: Apple)

iPhones are some of the most advanced machines as far as the smartphone technology is concerned. The technology used it iPhone as anyone would understand is second to none. Interestingly, the company holds over 200 patents for various technologies used in the iPhones.

When iPhone said ‘hello’


Siri (Photo: Dreamstime)

The first advertisement of iPhone was called ‘hello’ and it was released long before the company unveiled the phone before the world. The ad was first shown on February 25, 2007, at the 79th Academy Awards.

When Apple paid $1 billion to Michael Kovatch

apple, china

iPhone users’ data stolen in China (Photo: Facebook)

Admit it, iPhones are a pricey affair, not just for you but for the company as well. Apple paid $1 billion to Michael Kovatch on July 1, 2007, for purchasing the domain name

Invention of the Year

iphone, apple

iPhone (Photo: Facebook)

iPhones were a marvel when it hit the market. It wooed and wowed the critics and customers alike. Interestingly, it was named as the invention of the year by Time Magazine in 2007.

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