"Apple Is Living In 2012": Tweeps Be Savage With New (And Unaffordable) iPhones

Is it time to throw away the iPhones X's you splurged a mighty buck on? 'Cause they've already been discontinued in the US

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a fresh line of products at the recent Apple Event 2018, sparking the annual ritual of people trolling the Cupertino tech giant. Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, along with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the (relatively) affordable iPhone XR. But, to no surprise, the smartphones were nowhere close to being inexpensive.

Introducing the “brand new” feature that every Android user probably swears-by already, the latest iPhones will also have dual sims. Like, does that mean it’s time to throw away the iPhones X’s you splurged half your wealth on? ‘Cause they’ve already been discontinued in the US.

The new phones will arrive in India on October 19, but you can pre-order them already if you happen to have a lakh stashed in your gullaks. The Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max — which will be available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB — will be priced at (brace yourselves) Rs 99,900 and Rs 1,09,900, respectively. And that “affordable” iPhone XR we talked about? Yeah, that’ll be Rs 76,900. But at least it comes in pretty colours.

The iPhone XR will be available in black, white, yellow, coral and blue. (Courtesy: REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

Anyway, Twitter had a field day mocking Apple, because what else is there to do?