Apple gives a comical crash course in saving the planet ahead of Earth Day

Here's how Apple is doing its bit for the environment

When tech giant Apple releases an ad, you expect it to be every bit of stylish and classy, which they usually are. But everyone is bored of that and it’s time for a change. Breaking away from its ‘historic’ trends of serious advertisements, ahead of the Earth Day, Apple has released a set of videos giving a crash course in environmental protection that seem like a page from a comics. (We were equally shocked!)

In the first video titled ‘Do Solar Farms Feed Yaks?‘ Apple’s environmental chief Lisa Jackson explains how the company’s 40-megawatt solar farm in China powers all its offices, data centres and stores in the country, without replacing the ranchers from their land.

In the second video titled ‘Can We Produce Zero Waste?’ Apple employee John Reynolds, iPhone product operations, explains how none of the Apple’s assembly facilities in China sends any waste to landfills and how all the units in the country produce zero waste.

In the third video titled ‘Why does Apple make its own sweat?‘ Apple’s head of environmental technologies Rob Guzzo explains how the company uses 30 gallons of human sweat every year to ensure that the Apple products don’t harm human health (i.e. the skin) or the environment.

In the fourth video titled ‘Can a building breathe?‘ Apple’s vice president of Real Estate and Development Dan Whisenhunt explains how the company’s new Apple Park campus, which is located in the heart of the Santa Clara Valley, is one of largest naturally ventilated buildings in the world. The building uses outside air as its largest cooling system.

If you weren’t impressed by the technology behind the Apple products, here’s another reason for you to be star struck by the company.