Amazon launches pickup stores, for those with no time for grocery shopping

Grocery shopping was never so simple!

Grocery shopping can be a tedious task especially if you have a high-powered career wherein time is a luxury you just don’t have. Even so, it is one task that you can’t ignore. Whether you are a single woman busy chasing your dreams or a married man trying hard to carve out a comfortable life for you and your family, buying food items, soaps and detergents, is something you can’t escape. But Amazon wants to change that and make grocery shopping fun for you (or little less time taking at least).

The American e-commerce giant has launched a grocery pickup service ‘Amazon Fresh Pickup’ in the United States that lets the Amazon users order their groceries via Amazon app and pick them up at a reserved time. As of now, the e-retailer has opened two stores in SODO and Ballard neighbourhoods in Seattle. As of now these stores are open for Amazon employees only. However, when the company finally decides to open the stores for public, they will function just like any other drive-through shops.

So how does the service work?

The process is fairly simple and involves three simple steps. Shop online the items that you want to buy, reserve a pickup time of your convenience and head over to your Amazon Fresh Pickup store, where the Amazon employees will load your groceries into your car.

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The best thing about this that you can pick up your groceries within 15 minutes of placing your order online and there is no minimum limit on your order.

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But there’s a catch. The service will be available only for the Amazon Prime members only.

But if you are in India, you might have to wait indefinitely. Sure, there are services like Big Basket that deliver groceries to your home, but managing time still remains an issue.