20 Sarcastic GIFs to respond to irritating Facebook posts

GIFs are commonly used to convey funny reactions and sarcastic reactions. But do you know GIFs came into being 30 years ago on June 15, 1987? Know more about the history of GIF and check out funny reactions to the pesky Facebook posts

What is the most interesting way to react to any Facebook post or an irritating group message on Facebook Messenger? No, we are not talking about the conventional one-liner text messages or the monotonous emoticons that fail to convey the right message most of the time.  We are talking about the Graphics Interchange Format which is popularly known as the GIF.

Millennials would agree that GIFs have transformed the way we react and express ourselves in the digital space. From funny GIFs to the ones that use subtle sarcasm to convey the feelings, using GIF has become the way we live our lives these days (at least in the digital space).

But do you that GIFs are 30-years-old!

Shocked? Well, to walk you through the history of GIF, these naughty reactions came into being on June 15, 1987 (some of us were not even born back then). It was developed by a US-based software developer Steve Wilhite while working on another project by CompuServe. It got its last major update two years later in 1989. However, it was quickly replaced by other formats such as JPEG as its colour palette was less suitable for reproducing colour photographs.

But this did not stop it from spreading its influence. Owing to its simplicity, designers all over the world increasingly started using GIF for logos and more importantly for animations. Almost a seven years later, the same company that developed GIF started working on another format called the Portable Network Graphics or PNG. PNG was developed as a competitor to GIF owing to some patent issues.

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Today, GIFs are used all over the world to convey reactions across platforms. As we wish GIF Happy Birthday, you guys have a look at 20 interesting reactions to the pesky Facebook posts:

Happy Birthday posts

Dramatic posts

Unnecessary political statuses

The attention-seeker posts

Couple love

Unexpected Engagement posts

Exam results

Broken heart status

Friend’s wedding

Party statuses

Vacation statuses

Travelling to statuses

Random news posts

The ‘Guru Gyan’ posts

The traffic updates

Pregnancy posts

Reaction to exes’ status

Too much personal details

Food updates

Listening to song update