Zomato Says Delivery Boy Took 5 Months To Buy Superbike & Netizens Want To Quit Their Job

How many months will it take for you to save enough for one?

How long did you have to save to buy your favourite phone? A month? Maybe two months, even three?

Let’s raise the bar a bit. What about a superbike? How many months will it take for you to save enough for one?

According to Zomato, it took only five months for a Zomato deliveryperson to purchase his favourite superbike costing lakhs.

Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal tweeted a picture of Suraj from Karnal, Haryana, who apparently saved up 5 months’ pay to buy a KTM RC 200 bike. The ex-showroom Delhi price of the bike ranges between Rs 1.79 and Rs 1.92 lakh.

However, some Twitter users were quick to point out that it would be quite unrealistic for the delivery person to buy a new KTM RC 200 in such a short time, while others wondered whether they should quit their own jobs.

However, not all deliverypersons seem to be happy with the food aggregator. Last month, over 1,000 delivery boys went on strike in Nagpur, accusing Zomato of exploiting them by imposing ‘unrealistic’ incentive policy and also for increasing their daily targets because of which they work longer hours. This comes after the video of a Zomato delivery executive went viral last year, throwing light on the harsh and back-breaking working conditions, sometimes extending to 16 hours a day.

Zomato is also reportedly testing ‘drone delivery technology’ which would automate delivering food to customers and also reduce delivery time by half.