Zara's latest campaign features models over 40, here's why the Internet isn't happy

Zara's latest ads feature models who are in their 40s and it's truly beautiful but something has irked the netizens. Find out more here.

One of the most popular retailers with the youngsters, Zara is in the news. The brand which is famous for its trendy outfits catching the attention of the youth has, this time, completely changed its target group with its latest series of ads. Zara’s latest ads feature models who are in their 40s and it’s truly beautiful. Zara’s new Timeless collection has models like Malgosia Bela (Poland), Yasmine Warsame (Canada) and Kristina de Connick (Belgium), who are all 40 and above. But people on social media noticed something about Zara’s campaign that irked them.

Going ahead with 40-plus models to promote age-inclusivity is definitely a commendable step by the retailer, which is more popular with the millennials. However, people pointed out that all the models chosen for the campaign are ‘way too thin’.

Zara has posted short videos of the models on its Twitter and Instagram account, and the Polish model, Malgosia Bela says ‘…I prefer myself so much better now than ten years ago or twenty …” You’ll get what Malgosia is talking about once you visit Zara’s website. The three models look absolutely stunning in each and every outfit they have posed in for the autumn/winter collection, be it trench coats, sweaters, blazers, jackets and dresses. But if you notice closely the description on many of them, it goes like ‘Oversized’ and ‘Double-sized’.

Here are a few photos of the three models posing for Zara.

1. Malgosia Bela in Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer

Malgosia Bela Zara


2. Yasmine Warsame in Checked Trench Coat

Yasmine Warsame Zara


3. Kristina de Connick in Double-Sized CoatKristina de Connick Zara

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But the social media doesn’t seem too happy and some have pointed out how Zara has only chosen ‘skinny’ models for its campaign and how that’s exclusivity of its own:


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