World Day Against Child Labour 2017: Twitter speaks up and loud and clear. Are you listening?

On World Day Against Child Labour, Twitterati pledges to stand against Child labour. Will you too?

Every year on World Day Against Child Labour, the global community comes together to highlight the plight of young budding childhood plucked by deep-rooted poverty and ever increasing need for finances. Sure, there are many issues at hand to deal with, from global warming, sex trafficking, surging rape crimes to terrorism but there is one such issue that demands our urgent attention for it has the capability to deprive our future generations of education, muddle our socio-political growth resulting in an impasse,  and that is – child labour.

World Day Against Child Labour was established by International Labour Organisation in 2002 to raise awareness about the heinous crime of child labour and use it as a platform to demand eradication of this practice. It is celebrated every year on 12 June, and this year it centres on “conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labour”.

Reportedly, over 168 million children are a victim of child labour in places affected by conflict and disaster. They are used in shops running errands to illegally supplying arms or transport liquor across borders. Children as young as age 5 are forced into the deep pit of child labour never to get out of it.

Since social media is a huge platform to share views and impact opinions, responsible citizens of the world took to Twitter to celebrate 2017 World Day Against Child Labour and urge people to join the cause. Check out their tweets and pledge your own support towards this cause:

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It is heartbreaking to experience childhood being ruined by slavery and tedious job. Let’s help India’s future to get education because children belong to schools, not streets.

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