Woman's viral note for body shaming relative reminds us how clueless we are about boundaries

"Nobody is obliged to look a certain size/shape/colour just to please your eyes", says Sejal Pradhan in her viral Facebook post on being body shamed - Read

No matter how you present the rhetoric of equality, truth be told, women are still represented in a narrow fashion which has now become stereotypical. They are often shamed for either not looking the way they ought to (body type) or not behaving like “good Indian girls” – to shrink within themselves and cater to male’s fragile ego. Hence, the words body shaming and slut shaming came into being. But women are putting behind this BS and are confidently accepting themselves just as they are. So when a woman named Sejal Pradhan was body shamed by a distant relative on Facebook, she decided to shut him down with a fiery Facebook post. (You go, girl!)

Along with the screenshot of the conversation, Sejal, through her post, highlighted how social media acts as a leverage to body shamers who think ninja-typing on people’s pictures or posts about their bodies will be taken in good humour. She says,

My weight, whether I gain it, lose it or keep it the same is in no way asking for your opinion. Have I ever asked for one? No. Do I look disheartened about my body and am I seeking sympathy? No. So please keep your downright crass and judgemental opinions to yourself.

She also mentions that most body shamers do not realise the struggle or the anxiety that person is going through, which later becomes the underlying reason for many diseases and disorders. Passing your crass comments in the garb of advice is seriously not helping. If only the trolls would think before they speak! She writes,

Just in case you were thinking that you cracked a good joke here by pointing out to my weight, I’m sorry you were not even close. Maybe I could point out to ‘that belly of yours that you could occasionally use as a table’ to have a good laugh… but no, I don’t class it as humour.

Apply cold water to burnt area, maybe?

Read her full post here:


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