Why would someone tear off a hard earned Rs 2000 note?

Your blood must boiling looking at the condition of this newly minted note, which comes to us only after standing for hours in a line. Wondering why would someone do something as stupid like this?

Well, a Quora user posted his angry rant on this note on the question asking platform. Here’s what he said:

“The new currency was introduced on Nov 10th and on the same day some one decided to tear the currency and post the image of it in social networks…Good going folks….

On a lighter note it was said that he was trying to find the nano chip(which was a rumor) embedded inside the currency.”

Not a cool thing to do at all. Right?

Although he can still exchange this note for a new one. Many on Quora, however, said that it could be a coloured photo copy of the real note or a photoshopped image.

However, if indeed a smart-ass thought that pulling off a prank and posting it on Facebook is so important in these times of cash crunch, he could be one of the most jobless person on this planet. Reportedly over 20 people have died standing outside bank and ATM queues due to several reasons. Clearly, such a waste of money makes one angry.

As for the reason that he was looking for the rumoured high-tech safety chip supposedly inbuilt in the note, is equally idiotic.

On November 9 itself, Finance Minister had dismissed reports of a nano-chip being inserted in the note as a safety measure to check counterfeiting.

You can read the entertaining Quora conversation thread here.