Why Maradona Reacting To Argentina's Win Is Like Every Indian Parent Ever

The world thought the man was possessed. We Indians knew better

The much-anticipated face-off between Argentina and Nigeria turned out to be a treat for Argentinian fans after the Latin American team achieved a thumping 2-1 victory over Nigeria.

What the internet world couldn’t get enough of was how Argentinian great, Diego Maradona, was reacting to the many twists and turns of the game.

The world thought the man was possessed. We Indians knew better. For we can all relate to people maniacally shouting expletives at you, flinging their limbs all over the place, threatening you with dire consequences. We call them parents.

Here are 7 GIFs that elucidate our point better.

1. Your parents when you contribute to the household chores for the first time.

2. Your mother when you accidentally step foot on the freshly mopped floor.

3. Your father when he realizes that you have broken your recently bought iPhone X.

4. Your parents before your board exam results are going to announced

5. Your parents when you manage to score more marks than Sharma Ji’s ladka.

6. Your father’s reaction to the neighbours when they come complaining about your deeds.

7. Your parents when you finally pick up your jhoota thali from the dining table

(Written by Arnabjit Sur)