Why Kangana Ranaut's message for 'strong girls' is an important reminder for every woman out there

You need to watch this video of Kangana Ranaut, the inspiration women need in today's time and age

Kangana Ranaut has a beautiful message for every girl who has been told that they shouldn’t fight. The controversial queen has come out again in defense of all girls who have been constantly brought down by their peers, their families and of course, the hero of the story, Indian society. But here in a video posted by Miss Malini, Kangana is slaying all the taboos. Like the fierce queen that she is, she goes on to tell every girl and woman out there to not be afraid. She is giving the girls of today an inspiration.

“I’d say I am a fighter, I have the spirit of a fighter,” she says at the beginning of her message. Amid the soup of all the controversy that has been floating around the Bollywood actor, Kangana has somehow managed to hold her ground. Ever since she sparked headlines with her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan, a controversy was quick to follow, with everyone pointing fingers at Kangana for trying to gain the spotlight. Next came the whole Nepotism debate where she was constantly ridiculed to the point where she was told that she was playing the “victim card”. But she was not the one to back down. She wasn’t ready to settle down to be a proper girl and so she decided to tackle each one of her critics head-on. Which is exactly the kind of advice she is giving in this video to all the girls out there who are not being assertive enough or succumbing to an oppressor.

In this video by Miss Malini, the fearless and bold Kangana told her fans that, “A woman is made to be fierce. She is the reason for humanity.” She went on to talk about how women are constantly devalued and expected to keep their families above them no matter what the odds are.

In another recent press conference, Kangana had recently lashed out saying “I will take what is mine, be it by fighting or by any other means.” And she should do it rightly so, go Team Kangana!

You can watch the full video here:

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So, basically, women, you can roam free and be whoever you want to be and fight whoever you wish to fight.

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