Kangana Ranaut answers her ‘hate mail’ through AIB’s cheeky new video – Watch

When All India Bakchod and Kangana Ranaut teamed up to shut the hole on all banter on the latter's life. Read on

Kangana Ranaut. Naam toh suna hi hoga? The Simran actress has been in the news ever since she dropped some comments about ‘a silly ex’ and dragged several bigwigs for their inherent nepotism. Everyone from the entire Bollywood industry to the media has been discussing little else since the Queen star decided to do away with any and every filter. Trust Kangana to comeback in her style and give a response that is befitting not only to her trolls and haters but also to the objectification of women in Bollywood and the wage gap between male and female actors. Pairing up with All India Bakchod, Kangana seems to have answered every ‘hate mail’ directed at her and her contemporaries in one smooth move.

Here are 5 takeaways from the hilarious video The Bollywood Diva Song, feat. Kangana Ranaut:

  1. When Kangana had to introduce herself to the on-set director who doesn’t get it that she is the female lead and has to dumb it down to the “love interest” since all female actors are just that. This is clearly directed at almost every film director ever – and especially those who pick their male leads first and then adjust according to the star’s preferences. After all, what’s a heroine’s role? To make a hero look good, right?   
  2. When Kangana objected to the ludicrous line: “Mere seene pe mal de hoton se Iodex” to which the supposed Director has only one retort: “But baby audience ko titillate karna hai!” This is a gun shot straight in the face of the weird item numbers that have cheap lyrics playing on loop that are sexist to begin with and only further the process of misogyny in a society. #FevicolSe 
  3. The sequence where The Director waits for The Actor, the way Jaya Bachchan waited for Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum – puja ki thali in hand. A direct reference to the way male actors are given more preference whether it is screen space or dialogues. 
  4. When she makes a reference to the hour-glass figures that women in Bollywood are expected to maintain and live off carbs completely. 
  5. When she hit the nail with the “Papa ne tujhko launch kiya re” verse of hers where she made a reference to how Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan taunted her for pointing out the nepotism in the industry. 

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Love her or hate her, you truly cannot ignore her. Kangana Ranaut’s off screen jibes may or may not have gone down well with everyone, but nearly everyone will agree that her onscreen presence is truly a work of art.

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