Why director Sujoy Ghosh isn't too happy with Netflix's description of Kahaani

Looks like somebody at Netflix has a REALLY good sense of humour...

Vidya Balan’s portrayal of a pregnant (cough!) Vidya Venkatesan Bagchi as she desperately searched for her missing husband in Surjoy Ghosh’s mystery thriller Kahaani had us all at the edge of our seats. Aside from the brilliant cast and the direction, what really stood out about the film was its screenplay, which was in every bit an absorbing mystery plot. In fact, it wouldn’t be entirely incorrect to say that a lot of people went to watch the film for the story. Ghosh, who also co-wrote the story, had us completely hooked thanks to the enticing plot, however, Netflix seems to have failed him there.

Kahaani is one of the many Bollywood films available for viewing on Netflix, but it looks like the online-streaming website has ensured nobody would ever hit ‘play’ for the movie. Apparently, in the description of the movie, Netflix put up a (although accurate) fairly confusing plot summary. The description irked Ghosh and he tweeted at Netflix with a screenshot, asking them to rewrite the description. Here is his tweet:

The old description of the film read:

“Can a worried wife find her missing husband before her water breaks? A killer salesman isn’t too sold on it.”

Hilarious, isn’t it? While some of us would still prefer the actual plot, a few others were pretty convinced with this weird description. Here is how Twitter reacted to it:

Since Ghosh’s tweet, Netflix has corrected the description, which now reads:

“Pregnant and alone in the city of Kolkata, a woman begins a relentless search for her missing husband, only to find that nothing is what it seems.”

Meh! Too sober. TBH, we liked the old one better. Well, which one do you prefer?

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