9 Things you shouldn't do in your 20s, Reddit users have the most amazing suggestions

Afraid of adulting the wrong way? All you have to do is this is follow this thread on Reddit for some good advice

Every millennial in their 20s right now is afraid. Fear has gripped them through no fault of their own. And it is largely because of the kind souls who are in their mid-30s or early 40s who keep instigating this fear that the things that we will do in our 20s will have a consequence on our future tremendously. And the occasional: “I wish someone had told this to me before” keeps ringing in your brain. The fear of not spending enough time with your parents, the fear of not being fit, the fear of thinking you are ageing but haven’t done anything major, etc. etc. Reddit users recently voted on the things they regret not doing in their 20s.

What if someone did tell you what you should focus on and what you should steer clear from? Wouldn’t that be great? Well this thread on Reddit is a clear sign of how people have become quite concerned about the whole ageing process and rightly so. Titled What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s? , this post is a reflection of the fears of each and every young adult afraid of adulting incorrectly or becoming stuck in a mid-life crisis.

Getting old sucks! You may have met the occasional 50 something-year-old giving you gyaan about what they would or wouldn’t have done when they were “your age.” The middle-aged Reddit users decided to give a good thought to their deeds when they were in their 20s and posted some amazing suggestions. Here is some seasoned advice from the generation that has made mistakes and learned from them:

  1. On marriage

2. On health

3. On following your passion

4. On taking care of your skin while it is still young

5. On creating more memories while the moment lasts

6. On handling tasks and deadlines, basically stress

7. On saving money

8. On Wanderlust

9. And on embracing people and new experiences

In the Reddit thread there is everything from health-tips to workout regimes being shared and people are ever so scared of ageing incorrectly that they are taking the support online including the gym junkie who imparts wisdom in the form of body-building techniques.


Afraid of saving enough money and falling into the trap of the urban poor, afraid of marrying the wrong person, afraid of that unmistakable low self-esteem that doesn’t seem to be moving away to give way to confidence any time soon, there is a lot that the average millennial has to deal with.

The best advice comes from the Reddit user YeOleHumptyDance

Don’t drink too much. Use condoms. Start working out and eating healthy now!


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Some people are so paranoid that they have Gerascophobia. The abnormal feeling of a persistent fear of growing old or aging. The clinical name for people who actually panic as their birthdays approach and who cannot fathom how to lower their heart rates when they are about to turn a year older. But don’t worry, sit back, relax, take a deep breath. It is all going to be alright.

And for all the lost souls that still haven’t found the answer to becoming the right kind of adult or suffering from the chronic ailment of FOMO then we request to take a breath, step back, analyze and then restart where you left off.