Why Apple's 'Woozy Face' Emoji Has Left Us Confused

Is it an expression you get when dentist numbs one side of your face to fill cavities?

Apple’s latest update brings around 70 new emoji to iPhones and iPads. The new set includes the feeling hot and cold emoji, a smiling face with three hearts, a pleading face and a party face.

But then there is one emoji that has got everyone’s attention.

This emoji has a lot of things going on. While one eye is intact, the left eyebrow is sunken with the other eye almost closed. The mouth is quite distorted and it also has rosy cheeks. It is called “Woozy Face” by Emojipedia, the encyclopedia of emoji and it described it as the emoji with uneven eyes and a wavy mouth.

Emojipedia might know what exactly this emoji means, the netizens have different interpretations. They even have started planning different scenarios where this emoji can be used.

Is it?


Somebody, please try

But the eyes?


True that.