When Master meets Maestro: Sachin Tendulkar, Zakir Hussain's jugalbandi is a must watch

Zakir Hussain holding a bat and Sachin Tendulkar holding the tabla! Don't they look amazing together!

This happens when one master meets the other. January 9 witnessed a magic of sorts when cricket legend shared the stage with musical genius Zakir Hussain. And it was not just a meeting; they, in fact, did the unthinkable! They had a jugalbandi! The tabla legend was seen giving lessons to Sachin Tendulkar to match his tunes. And clap clap! The master blaster did tremendously well.

On January 6, Sachin had tweeted out a video where he said that he and ustad Zakir Hussain will come together on January 9 to discuss the journey of excellence. Inviting people to come to the event, Sachin said that he was looking forward to the event. Speculations were rife whether Sachin will pick up the table, too. He certainly didn’t disappoint us.

Here are few glimpses from the event:

Those who witnessed the event were left in awe of the two geniuses coming together on one stage.

The music maestro holding a bat and the cricket icon holding the tabla! Don’t they look amazing together!