'Weird accent' to shopaholic, 6 stereotypes South Delhi girls have to face

South Delhi girls are generalised as "fashionistas" or "uber rich brats" but today we take on the lingering stereotypes which are beyond rational

Delhi, the power capital of world’s largest democracy, is not just a city but a breathing life within itself. If you are new to Delhi, you are bound to be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the city and how it’s so diverse in itself yet so culturally fulfilling. It is the city where poets muse, where expeditions to the Old Delhi will leave you feeling bittersweet about our history, where feeling the fragrant breeze gush through your hair near Hauz Khas village will be satiating and experiencing flowering trees during your long walks at Lodhi Gardens will leave you quenching for more.

The city is for everybody. From party animals, book lovers, poets and writers, hippie, musicians to people who like solidarity in hidden quaint cafes of Delhi. While there are many cool places in Lutyen’s Delhi but there’s one place which attracts a lot of wide eyes for its posh exquisiteness and exotic nature is – South Delhi. And more than the place, South Delhi girls are always the topic of discussion. ALWAYS.

In a recent Twitter trend, netizens went ahead and trolled the common impressions they have about South Delhi girls, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t funny.

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While all is done in good humour, we decided to go ahead and decode the popular myths around South Delhi girls:

1. “Typical Spoilt Brats”

Yes, a south Delhi girl may be her daddy’s princess and own a Merc or travel with a driver, BUT that by no way means she is the “typical rich spoilt South Delhi brat”.

2. Accent Goals?

Let me first clarify that not every girl from South Delhi symbolises Pooh from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gam’. Please, stop making Pooh’s character the sole inspiration to figure out a South Delhi girl.


South Delhi girls are often roasted for their fake accents but ugh! that’s a stupid generalisation. Not every girl calls ‘Auto’ or ‘Bhaiyyya’ the way it’s usually speculated.

3. Fashion Diaries (Not):

No seriously. Not everyone follows typical contouring routine everyday or is a fashion blogger herself. Believe it or not, girls do have different ambitions other than becoming a fashion designer or makeup artist.

4. Even If They Love Shopping, Not Everyone Is Brand Conscious:

South Delhi has no dearth of posh malls be it Emporio, Select City or Ambience. But no, not everyone is a fan of Zara, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Forever 21.

And hello! Are you forgetting two of the most popular shopping hubs – Lajpat and Sarojini, are in South Delhi?

5. They Are NOT Materialistic Bimbos:

First of all, having the popular conception is sexist but hey, still let’s school you for a bit. DU’s maximum population consists of South Delhi girls earning prestigious degrees and not just academia but ECA too. Plus, how can you forget that colleges like Lady Shri Ram, Kamla Nehru, Gargi and JMC are famous for girls from South Delhi.

6. Moral Policing? No Thankyouverymuch!

India is quite famous for moral policing and defining sanskaar for girls but Delhi (not just South Delhi) girls are often shamed for their ‘defiance attitude’,  ‘bad behaviour’ or ‘westernisation’. Booze or no booze, late night partying or not, it’s an individual’s choice and Delhi girls know to how to slam dogmatic notions!


So the next time you think ‘girl gone wild’, it is you who is the problem!

7. South Delhi Girl = Expenses

There is no denying that our society links money with masculinity but if you think your South Delhi girlfriend is all about your money, then sir, you better be single and lonely.

Speaking of materialism, even if she is materialistic, she sure as hell knows how to earn it for herself. #SorryNotSorry

So, can we please stop stereotyping? #Peace




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