Elections to Tom Uncle's Maggi Point, 11 things that only a DU student can understand

Are you a student or alumnus of Delhi University? Then, here are the 11 things that you must have experienced during your college years.

Delhi University is one of the most prestigious universities in India. Known for its esteemed academia, star alumnus, diverse extra curricular activities and an amazing crowd, DU attracts a lot of aspirants every year. Once you are past the rigorous face-off with other students AKA ‘DU Cut-Offs’, and cement your seat in Delhi University, be ready to be starstruck and thank your stars everyday for the humongous campus, the coolest professors and the amazing crowd. Once you are past the admission agonies, DU becomes an inseparable part of you. It’ll change you in ways, that you can never be a non-DU student ever again.

The first few weeks are spent in making friends, roaming around the massive campus finding your classes, but once all that settles in, life at DU is literally the best phase of your life.

Now that the admission phase is over and classes are about to commence from July 20th, we bring you 11 things that only a DU student can relate to:

1) Proxy please

Okay, TBH, proxies are not the sole property of DU students. School and college students across the globe are rather adept at the subtle art of marking proxy attendance. But in DU, where the professors are a little more attentive, and the students are a lot more diverse and therefore not easy enough to blend in, proxy-marking is something of an art.

“Please proxy lagwa dio”, only a DU student can know the sentiments behind this statement. The word ‘Proxy’ will come as naturally to you as your favourite slang. Proxies at DU like the ultimate litmus test to prove your friendship.

After all, attendance is your only lifeline, and boy, do we want to go into attendance crisis again?



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2) The Broke Brotherhood!

While there are many common misconceptions about the fanciness of DU crowd, the reality is there is a common broke brotherhood which we are all part of.

Your three years will pass counting your pennies, asking for more pocket money from parents, fixing your tapri for chai, sutta and Maggi and laughing it all off with your best friends.

3) Hail Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)

While you are broke and in deep sh*t because you didn’t save money allocated to commute. In such situations, the students bus pass is a God send.  It’s like finally someone understands your pain, and offers you the easiest (most comfortable) resort to lower your expense.

We all can relate to standing in long queues because a bus pass for Rs 500 for 5 months is the REAL SH*T. Once again, you bless DU with all your heart ‘cuz now you can #PARTAAYYY!

4) Food, food and more cheap food

From Kamla Nagar, Tom Uncle, Vijay Nagar, GTB, to NSP, Old Delhi, Moolchand, Saket….you know the best and most economical places to eat. Being a broke DU student can actually open a magical food haven for you, which most mango people don’t know about! #JustBrokeThings



5) Difference between Cafeteria and Canteen is LEGIT!

Do you know any caretaker who offers you delicious food in most reasonable fashion? Yeah! That’s DU. And mind you, there are minimum three extremely reasonable food joints inside the college itself, which are likely to be – Canteen, Nescafe and Coke Studio.


6) Major campus war

If you are a part of DU, you will know how important it is to prove your loyalty towards your college. College enmity is so legit that even Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Kashyap still talk about it.

You can show your bhaichaara all you want but on college level – Hindu-Stephens, Ramjas-KMC, Miranda House-Daulat Ram, Gargi-KNC *better be careful*



Based on personal experiences, DU is the best place to turn yourself into a street smart person. You have a problem? There’s always some jugaad for it. From lab assistants, photocopy wale bhaiyaa, Nayi Sadak wala book sellers, to getting concert tickets, free passes, you gotta fix your jugaad, bro!

8) DU libraries are a slice of heaven

People often have assumptions that DU is the coolest place to be! And yes, it is. It is coolest because you’ll get to study with country’s best minds and gain knowledge, apart from all the fun and hoopla. Academia is given prime importance, and DU libraries are jam-packed with not just nerds but cool nerds.


9) ‘Last ten years’ is our HOLY BIBLE!

Refer to all the books and notes you want, but during the last days of exams, everyone is busy in ratta-fication of the ten years question papers. Ten years question paper is the messiah that’ll at least grade you up to another semester, and that’s all you need right?

10) Are you even alive if you haven’t enjoyed DU elections?

During your college phase, you’ll finally understand the terms DUSU, ABVP and NSUI. Election time will be the only time you’ll feel special in your own college because free food, passes to Adventure Island, night clubs entry, anything and everything you want because #Politics


11) You know, you’re famous

Being a part of DU can actually amount to a lot of respect from the outside world. Your relatives and their children look up to you for inspiration, you are the only kid who made it to DU in the neighbourhood and that is a pretty big deal. Your parents are finally proud of you or at least will not think that you are a ‘nalayak’ for the next three years.

Self-entitlement will kick in because you’ll be hailed as a star-kid all around except among your college peers who will still think that you’re a piece of sh*t, and that’s alright!

So folks, make the best of it because YOLO!



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