Stand up comic fat shamed by trolls, claps back with the most epic response

The meme circulating on Twitter also had AIB's Tanmay Bhat, stand-up comedian Bharti and television celebrity, Dolly Bindra, Supriya decided not to take it lying down. Read on.

Stand up comic artist and AIB (All India Bakchod) writer, Supriya Joshi who has entertained the masses, especially youngsters with those brilliant writing skills for all those  hilarious AIB videos took to social media to shut up those trolling for being fat. Supriya was being tagged in fat-shaming memes on social media and she spotted it. In a fitting response to those memes, she tagged one of those body-shamers and in a series of tweets brilliantly explained what is wrong with the meme. The meme which was circulating on Twitter also had AIB’s Tanmay Bhat, stand-up comedian Bharti Singh and television celebrity, Dolly Bindra. Supriya who noticed the meme on Twitter, decided not to take it all lying down.

In a series of 14 tweets Supriya explained how it was not at all funny to call someone fat because they already know it. Supriya also asked them to be a little more creative with their memes, if they want to make them. In what can be called as the most epic response, Supriya also told her body shamers that she will not to stay quiet about it, and will not let them (the haters) win.

Here are her tweets and the meme labelled as ‘Fatty family’ in which Supriya, Tanmay Bhat, Bharti Singh and Dolly Bindra were tagged:


Tweet 1: 

Tweet 2: 

Tweet 3: 

Tweet 4: 

Tweet 5: 


Tweet 6: 

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Tweet 7: 

Tweet 8: 

Tweet 9: 


Tweet 10:

Tweet 11: 

Tweet 12: 

Tweet 13: 

Tweet 14:

Supriya realised soon, it wasn’t over and there was a raging debate over her being obese and the need to lose weight for the sake of her health which she ended with saying:


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