'Wear helmet at back also': Sachin's safety message for riders in now a meme

The internet went ahead and turned a video of Sachin giving a safety message to bike riders into a meme, because why the hell not?

Here’s the deal with our generation: Everything has become a meme.

A child doing drugs? Meme.

A senior lady furious about the sad state of political affairs in her country? Meme.

Man falling into a pothole? Meme.

Sachin Tendulkar trying to talk about safety? Meme.

Yep, Sachin Tendulkar is the latest meme to go viral on social media. In a recent video, Sachin was seen giving a piece of advice on road safety to two bike riders in Kerala. “Wear helmet at the back also,” Sachin can be heard telling the woman on the bike as she and the rest of the riders look at Sachin in awe and wave at him.

Sachin said,

Why should only the rider be wearing a helmet? Two women I spotted at the back, both of them not wearing helmet. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Please wear a helmet whenever you get on a bike.

Now the internet went a step ahead and turned the video into a (fairly innocent) meme. Touted as the best Sachin meme so far, the original video is edited with crazy backgrounds. Random bike riders, movie scenes, stunt riders etc are seen outside the car window as Sachin innocently asks them to wear helmets. Check some of them out:

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Notorious comic Tanmay Bhat also tried to take a dig at the ‘Wear helmet at the back also’ meme:

Tag a friend who should wear helmet

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And the internet clearly knew what will happen next:

You gotta give these meme makers 10/10 for the edit skills though, right? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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