Watch: Zoned-out news anchor realises she's on live TV, blooper goes viral

The world does not deserve the awesomeness that is this video.

Those of you who have been caught staring glassy-eyed at work or in class would know what this woman is going through. Or you would if you added the embarrassment of live television to the already complicated mix. While it is not unusual for anchors to take chat breaks in-between takes or during a news bulletin, staring at ones hands in what looks like an ongoing attack of existential crisis is definitely not something we see everyday.

The internet’s new hero is Natasha Exelby, a news anchor with ABC24 channel, Australia. Caught off-guard as the camera turned to her after a prerecorded package ended, Natasha’s reaction is a GIF waiting to happen. A GIF we’re sure the world does not deserve.

But for Natasha however, social media’s mirth and has come at the cost of her job as an anchor. According to reports, ABC24 will no longer allow Natasha to anchor any news segments. A harsh punishment for something that’s grabbed more eyeballs than the channel’s usual segments.

Other news anchors on the other hand have gone on to show solidarity with Natasha: