WATCH: Woman gets her head stuck between doors of a subway, none cared to stop and help

In this video, you can see people watching the woman who got her head stuck between the doors of a subway but not making any efforts to help

In a shocking case of apathy, a video that has emerged on social media that shows a middle-aged woman’s head stuck in the doors of a New York a subway but none cared to stop and offer help. In the video, you can see a number of people walking past her but none stopped to help.

You can also see a woman in a uniform pass by the woman but choosing to completely ignore her while she continues to stand in that position. Her head and her bag is visibly stuck between the doors while her body was inside the train compartment. Fortunately, the train can see be seen standing still at the metro station.

As strange as it may sound, the woman did not really seem to be in pain considering that she was standing in that same position without asking for help. Whereas you can hear screaming requesting people help the lady and open the doors.

“The world and society in a nutshell, sadly,” a comment on the video read as. Till now, the video has received over 1,261,617 views. The video has been uploaded by The Shade Room who captioned it saying, “If you thought you were having a bad day just be glad this isn’t you but I’m just trying to figure out why everybody walking past like nothing is happening.”